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Perhaps the greatest compliment one human can give another is to think of someone when you're not actually with them. By doing so, you are sharing some of your "now" moments with the absentee friend.

Recently, a cherished young friend took a vagabond's journey to heal their broken heart and give their soul some fresh experiences. Rome, Geneva, Paris - wherever the wind took them, there they went. Along their journey, they spied this lovely quill pen and thought of me, their "writer friend."

Such thoughtfulness and generosity.

I am blessed to have friends like this, not because of the gift itself - although it is beautiful beyond description and I will enjoy using it as I journal and write letters to friends around the globe - but because their remembrance relays to me in tangible form that, as they journeyed, they invested some of their "now" moments thinking of me.

This act of thinking of someone when they are not with you is one of the pillars of true friendship.

So thank you, my friend. I am touched beyond words and I am grateful you returned to your "regular" life with revived joy and a renewed spirit.

Life is grand.


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