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Dreams . . .

You know that dream you've kept hidden in your heart for far too many years? Yes, that one. It is time for you to take a step - even a baby step - towards making your dream a reality.

Oh, I know - we have to earn a living and do "all the things" - I get it. But take it from someone who is no longer twentysomething: those wise elders who always talk about how life goes by so fast - they are right. Time is our rarest, most valuable commodity, and yet it is the one we seem to fritter away the most.

The longed-for "someday" keeps getting punted down the road called "future" because the present tends to suck us dry with overcommitments and overburdens and overwhelm. I speak from experience. And taking on too much means a decade or two can be gone in a blink of an eye, and you turn around one day and ask yourself, "wait! how did this happen? I've not done X, yet! I've not achieved Y, yet! I wanted to experience Z!"

That amazing trip you've always dreamed of taking? Put it on your calendar for 12-24 months from now, and make a strategy of steps - potential itinerary, actual budget, etc., - to get you there.

That new skill you want to learn? Look at your schedule and *commit* to at least an hour a week to practice, search online vids, hook up with a mentor, coach, teacher, whatever it takes.

The friends and family you want to spend time with but never seem to get around to it? Find the time. Make it. Carve it into your schedule. While they're all still here.

There are 86,400 seconds in every day. And none of them can be banked up for tomorrow. Beethoven had 86,400 seconds each day. So did Einstein. And Michelangelo. If they can create masterpieces and define modern science, then you, my friend, CAN achieve your dream.

All you have to do is commit and invest. Commit to your dream and invest whatever time, effort, and resources are required to make that dream come true.

You are blessed with life. One life. One fabulous, glorious, miraculous LIFE. And you are the one and only YOU. When you fulfill your dreams, you add value to the entire world! So dream, and pursue your dreams with commitment and passion and every ounce of energy you've got.

And as you work towards your dream, you will inspire others to begin striving towards their own dreams...

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