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Overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed with humility at the tremendous outpouring of enthusiastic support and love and kindness and friendship that has come my way as a result of writing so openly and honestly about my weight issues as a rider. My wonderful riding partner, Kaliwohi, is so much fun to ride and train!

I am making progress in many areas of life, including my riding.

I am making progress in making healthier and wiser food choices.

I am making progress in handling fear.

I am making progress in my self-talk.

I am making progress in my self-care.

I am making progress in my sense of gratitude, and joy, and love of life.

I have not written a blog post in a while here because I'm writing nearly every day at the Facebook group page: Fat to Fit at Horse Nation. It is a dynamic place filled with individuals from all over the world who want to be better, fitter equestrians.

As of this date, I have lost 17.2 pounds. I am closing in on 20 pounds gone. I am SO grateful and I hope to lose another 20 by mid-Autumn. We shall see how long it takes me. lol

Kaliwohi's first canter under saddle, July 13, 2017.
Overwhelming joy when a well known clinician watched me ride for a few minutes and gave me huge kudos.

The above picture was taken at a dressage clinic. The clinician was JJ Tate. She watched me ride for a few minutes and then asked about my riding background. When she realized I'd ridden only two other horses for any length of time (Sam for 26 years; Lady Grace for 15 years), she complimented me on my riding ability and my "exceptional horsemanship." I will cherish her words as much as any Olympic medal or Pulitzer prize. All I have ever wanted was to be a kind human and an outstanding horsewoman.

Also taken at the JJ Tate clinic. She complimented Kaliwohi - and he deserved high praise. This was his first "off-farm" event, and he handled everything like a seasoned show horse. I was SO proud of him. JJ Tate said she wanted to put him in her pocket and take him home, noting, "I'm not sure any horse in MY barn would do so very well in his first off-farm event." :) How I love the American Mustang, and Kaliwohi in particular!

Kisses and nuzzles for a clinic well done! I am not yet at the weight I want to be, but I did not let that stop me from participating 1,000 percent in this clinic. And Kiwi ROCKED it!!!

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