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On the run . . .

This morning I ran my first virtual 5K. It was my first race in years. My life crashed after last year's divorce, and my body crashed quite literally off my mustang and took a very long time to heal. But I enjoy running, so I've been slowly building up my strength through DDPYoga.

I ran an embarrassingly slow time, but I did not stop. This is huge for me, because the past few years have taken a huge toll on my confidence. But, at long last, I do believe the worst is behind me.

I run laps around my dressage arena - which you can see behind me. It takes 32 laps to equal 5K/3miles. I used to use a Garmin to track my laps. These days, I decided to do something a little more old-school.

To help boost my confidence and keep my brain in a positive space, I bought some honeycomb-shaped wooden chips and I wrote positive messages on 32 of them, and put them in a pretty cloth bag. As I ran, I took out a chip and focused on its message for that lap. When I completed that lap, I dropped that chip into this old feed pan as I ran by it, and then turned my focus to the next chip/next lap. This way, the laps went by without any gadgets or boredom. And, while my body was burning calories and toxins out, my mind was absorbing positive thoughts and gratitude. #WinWin

I am not the fastest runner, or the youngest, or the prettiest. But, today, I am the best version of me I can be, and tomorrow . . . I will be better.

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