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And she withdrew herself into the wilderness, and prayed . . .

Luke 5:16 says, "And [Jesus] withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed." Just prior to this withdrawal, Jesus had been busy helping men catch fish, healing lepers; typical week in the life of Christ Jesus, I imagine. And after that time of aloneness, in the wilderness, praying, the next thing we're told is Jesus is back at work, teaching and healing. (Luke 5:17 begins "And it came to pass on a certain day, as he was teaching, . . . ")

So we know Jesus didn't stay in the wilderness.

But he also didn't work nonstop.

Traveling, teaching, healing, inspiring the masses can, I suspect, take a lot out of a man - even one with a Divine parent.

Writers, especially the INFJ type, like me, need a LOT of "wilderness" time. We rest, recharge, renew, and get inspired by spending time alone. Taking large blocks of time to NOT talk to anyone helps us sort out all the creative chaos that rumbles, whispers, shouts, and dances in the mind of every INFJ. This temporary withdrawal from humanity gives an INFJ the same clarity and calmness that running at liberty affords a Thoroughbred or a Greyhound. Turn us loose for a while, and let us run, and we'll be all the better for it.

It's been over a decade since this daughter of God took some time alone to be responsible for absolutely no one else's care or happiness but my own. Selfish? No. Self-care? Yes. Vital for my survival, and my happiness, and for the happiness of those who look to me for support in various ways.

So mark this Appalachian Chic "in the wilderness, praying" until she returns . . .

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