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Designs by Appalachian Chic: at your service

My design aesthetic is inspired by the Appalachian region and the Great Smoky Mountains I love so dearly. The trouble with most "rustic" furnishing suppliers is they either go for cheap kitschy bears and fish and the like, or they offer one-of-a-kind pieces that few can afford. I'm Southern to the core - I don't DO "tacky" (unless it's holiday tacky - then bring on the twinkle-light-festooned flamingo, and I'll name her "Flo" - but that's a post for another day . . .). So how to strike a balance between excellent taste and one's mountain roots?

Here are some photographs of my work to date. If anyone who is building, rebuilding, or remodeling wants a little help, or a lot of help, I'm here and ready to go to work for you to help your home reflect your spirit, from the overall design to the tiniest detail. I offer reasonable rates for my design and interior decorating services. Rates will be cut 50% for wildfire families and businesses who are rebuilding. Esther Roberts, aka, the Appalachian Chic 865.607.9780

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