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A new day is dawning . . .

Downtown Knoxville is absolutely beautiful. I snapped this picture from my office window on the twenty-first floor of the "premier" office building here in town. I love it here - the building and the people and my fellow tenants are all just wonderful.

But a new day is dawning for me and my work. I am moving my office to my farm today. There are many reasons for this move, and I'm not ready to articulate them quite yet. But my heart is full of so many things this morning: excitement, fear, sadness, relief, delight, anticipation, and - to no small extent - exhaustion.

At the moment, there is no time for deep reflection; the movers - mere acquaintances that are very kind and absolutely insisted on doing this incredibly generous thing for me - will be here soon. The morning sky was so perfect, I just had to take a picture and share it.

Alright God, I am following . . . which way shall we journey now?

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