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Amazing Grace, Indeed

Lady Eleanor Grace Roberts, standing inside Church of the Ascension (Episcopal) for the Blessing of the Animals

The sun always seems to shine brighter when Lady Grace is around!

So for this rainy Monday, here are some photographs of a mare who owns a large part of my heart, Lady Eleanor Grace Roberts. She was my lifeline when Sam died. I owe this lovely mare more than I can ever repay. And I've included a link to a piece of music that is so powerful, and so lovely, and so hope-filled, and so just flat-out perfect, it seemed appropriate to include it with pictures of this perfect mare.

Lady Grace is 1/2 Arabian (of the Bask line) and 1/2 mustang. She is brilliant and smart and kind and talented and willing and brave and resourceful. In sum, she's a badass. Equine perfection.

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